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Alcuin Hacker has been delivering best practice customer and supporter experience systems for over 15 years. Currently, he assists a range of charities across the Asia Pacific region to unlock lost revenue and increase supporter engagement. Current and previous clients include: WWF NZ, Plan Australia, The Bob Brown Foundation, Anglicare, Plunket, Unicef, Save the Children NZ, Tasmanian Land Conservancy and the Lost Dogs Home, Victoria.
Through 2010 to 2015, Alcuin developed the Supporter Lifecycle Model: a fully integrated customer lifecycle model for charity marketing. It is made up of six key lifecycle phases, that comprise best practice processes, prioritisation, supplier management, KPIs, benchmarking and reporting.

The Regular Giving Lifecycle Approach

The Regular Giving Lifecycle is based on customer lifecycle modelling, developed to meet the specific needs of Regular Giving organisations.

A Regular Giving programme is a highly complex arrangement of marketing, engagement and transactional processes, often with gaps in visibility and efficiency that are the result of ad hoc, rather than by design business process development. This collection of processes is often managed by a range of teams and stakeholders, with varying visibility and coordination.

The Regular Giving Lifecycle is designed to make sense of this complexity. It is made up of six key lifecycle phases – Acquisition, Fulfillment, Engagement, Revenue Protection, Churn and Winback. Each phase is made up of a range of best practice key transactions, processes, benchmarks and reports.

The Supporter Lifecycle Discovery is a collaborative review of your regular giving business processes, systems, reporting and resourcing, through the lense of the supporters experience and the Regular Giving Lifecycle. We look at your systems and processes, from prospect and lead generation, through acquisition, banking, supporter journeys and donor care and on to revenue protection, churn and winback. Using the lifecycle and a range of internal stakeholder input, we can create a clear shared view of the programme, and thus effectively understand and prioritise business process improvement initiatives across a diverse transactional environment that takes in CRM, Payment Systems, 3rd Party Agencies, Content Management Systems, Email Marketing, SMS, Supporter Services, Business Intelligence.

The outcome of the Supporter Lifecycle Discovery is a detailed and prioritised recommendations document – a gap analysis of your current business process environment against best practice. We follow up delivery of the recommendations document with a review and next steps meeting.

In the short term, the immediate benefit that most organisations can measure is found from improvements to banking and revenue protection processes. Most charities find there is significant revenue to be found from improving these processes – this can be anywhere from $60,000 to $800,000 depending on the size of programme, current delinquency rates and the profile of the donor file.

Other benefits of engaging in this process include –

  • Banking benchmarking tools and support that give you the visibility to keep your processes optimised
  • Using the Supporter Lifecycle improves stakeholders’ understanding of the Regular Giving programme, providing opportunities for clearer shared priorities and enabling implementation of a continual improvement model
  • A water-tight, 3rd party telemarketing management framework, including selection, export, data dictionary, import, reporting and invoice reconciliation
  • Assistance and mentoring in Supplier Management
  • A range of end to end reporting design and assistance
  • Support from a Business Analyst of 15 years with 8 years experience in running major Regular Giving programmes and expertise across CRM, Digital, Acquisition, Retention Marketing, General Ledger integration, Business Intelligence
  • Often recommended initiatives are simple and don’t require investment, just changes to your manual processes.

I firmly believe that all organisations that manage a significant Regular Giving programme should invest in this process as a guide to fully understanding and then optimising your supporter business process framework. I have not worked with an organisation yet that didn’t find the process valuable. The expertise, context and support that I provide is the result of years of analysing, innovating, testing and learning – and making sense of Regular Giving processes in order to improve supporter loyalty and revenues.

However, the Discovery is also just that – a discovery. The outcome is a detailed picture/gap analysis of your process environment – systems, processes, procedures, reporting, resourcing and recommendations for specific improvements. It won’t fix the issues we uncover in itself, and as such the Discovery is the beginning of a journey that should result in a sector leading programme and a continual business improvement culture embedded within your team.

Save the Children has worked with Alcuin since 2015. He has been instrumental in improving our delinquency management process, unlocking over $100k in lost revenue so far. His knowledge of all areas of donation management is extensive and has been a huge benefit to Save the Children. He shares this knowledge clearly and concisely, collaborating with the team and translating technical jargon into everyday language that we can all understand!

Through all of his work with Save the Children, Alcuin has engaged, encouraged and educated a number of our staff. He is an excellent project manager, ensuring that we have kept on top of processes, helping to significantly improve our fundraising. He is a great guy, honest and genuine, easy to work with, and clearly focused on getting the best results for Save the Children. Gareth Davies, Acquisition Manager, Save the Children New Zealand.

Save the Children

We save children's lives, protect their rights and provide them with the opportunity to become succesful. Help us make a difference by donating

Having seen Alcuin speak at a major fundraising conference it was clear he had the expertise and experience needed to help Plan improve the income from our regular donor base, through providing advice on payment success maximisation and retention. A year or so on and having benefited from Alcuin’s support on several projects now, we are delighted to be able to maintain a mutually valuable relationship that is having a quantifiable impact on our revenue from donors. His knowledge is also complemented by his being a very pleasant fellow to work with. Ben Holgate, Marketing and Fundraising Director, Plan Australia.

Plan International Australia | Charity for Children

Plan works with communities all over the world to help children. We provide food, water, sanitation, education, support as well as resources for emergencies.

Alcuin’s experience as a business analyst and process efficiency expert has provided my clients with invaluable advice. Process effectiveness is commonly misunderstood and often an organisation won’t be aware that there are issues or opportunities for improvement. Fundraising managers and database operators understand the value of the advice Alcuin provides when it is quantified in dollar terms. In the not-for-profit sector our understanding of and attention to systems is worryingly inadequate and the opportunity to maximise return on investment by making simple adjustments to process and upskilling internal teams is grossly underestimated. Alcuin’s talent is benefiting many organisations – across individual projects and general operations. I advise all clients to invest in Alcuin’s time to explore opportunities for process and cost efficiency improvements. Paul Bailey, Fundraising & Communications Strategist.

Paul i Bailey

Exploring openness, innovation and change in the not-for-profit sector. So many charities are isolated from the sector they inhabit. Senior leadership and boards lack vision and aspiration. Maintaining the status quo will neglect purpose and fail supporters. Contribute to inspire a better deal for beneficiaries.

I love working with Alcuin. He’s fast, he’s transparent and he does what he says he’s going to do.
His business case documents are the best I’ve ever seen – for their detail and forecasting accuracy as well as for their sound business analysis and succinct recommendations.
I’ve been fortunate to work with Alcuin on several not for profit clients to improve their fundraising – ROI, revenue, retention and experience.
I highly recommend his services in getting your data, acquisition and supporter experience systems and processes in place and running like a well-oiled machine. Shanelle Newton-Clapham, CEO, Parachute Digital.

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